Smoke vents


For the production of wings of these types of elements, aluminum profiles with multi-chamber polycarbonate filling with UV filter are used. The polycarbonate plates are either clear or milky in color. In the frame of the smoke vent wing, a PVC clip is standardly mounted, ensuring excellent thermal insulation by eliminating thermal bridges, thereby reducing heat loss.

The bases of smoke vents are made from galvanized steel sheet with a minimum zinc coating of Z275 (275g/m2). They can be flat, sloped, or flat-sloped with heights ranging from 350 to 750 mm. The bases are adapted for external insulation with PIR board, styrofoam, mineral wool, or another insulating material of 40 mm thickness. The bases can be painted in any color from the standard RAL palette, which additionally increases their corrosion resistance.

Smoke vents can be equipped with grids and fall prevention handles to ensure safety during warranty inspections, maintenance, etc., from the roof level.

Smoke Vent Parameters:

  • Range of production dimensions for single-wing vents: 1000x1000mm to 2000x3000mm.
  • Range of production dimensions for double-wing vents: 1600x1600mm to 2000x3000mm
  • Thickness range of coverings in SRO classification: PC10mm, PC16mm, PC20mm, PC25mm
  • Thickness range of combined coverings Broof(t1): NRO17mm, NRO21mm, NRO27mm, NRO33mm
  • Range of base heights: H=300mm – 750mm

Advantages of Smoke Vents:

  • Supporting the evacuation of people from buildings and other construction objects,
  • Reducing the temperature under the roof and delaying the horizontal spread of fire,
  • Facilitating access for firefighting purposes by improving visibility,
  • Reducing fire damage and financial losses by protecting the structure and equipment of the building from the harmful effects of hot smoke,
  • Combining the functions of ventilation, smoke extraction, lighting as well as the function of a roof hatch.

Types of Offered Smoke Vents:

  • Single-wing with a minimum opening angle of 140 degrees.
  • Single-wing with a minimum opening angle of 140 degrees, with roof hatch function.
  • Double-wing with a minimum opening angle of 90 degrees (each wing of the vent).

The selection of a smoke vent primarily depends on the required effective smoke extraction area of the zone over which it is to be installed, as determined by the fire smoke extraction project.

Smoke Vents and Their Types of Actuators:

  • Electric Smoke Extraction
  • Electric Ventilation:
  • Pneumatic smoke extraction
  • Pneumatic ventilation
  • Pneumatic Smoke Extraction
  • Electric Ventilation 24V-230V

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